Craft Cocktails, Margarita Range

Craft Cocktails, produced in Dublin 7 by talented award-winning bartenders, are renowned as the finest bottled cocktails in the industry. Made exclusively with 100% natural ingredients, these cocktails have gained a stellar reputation.

Given the enormous popularity of their margarita offering, it seemed only natural to launch an entire margarita line. Among the exciting flavours showcased are spicy, pineapple, and mezcal margaritas.

Our team was responsible for creating a separate sub-brand that would give the margarita range a distinct personality. The branding concept is based on vibrant and enticing pop colours, with each flavour represented by a symbol that captures its essence. Our goal was to create a visually appealing and eye-catching aesthetic. To accomplish this, the art direction uses fluorescent felt, adding a unique and vibrant touch.