Craft Cocktails, Christmas Range

Crafted with precision by award-winning bartenders in Dublin 7, Craft Cocktails have positioned themselves as the leading bottled cocktails in the industry. Their stellar reputation is built upon the exclusive use of 100% natural ingredients.

Each year, a special Christmas edition is unveiled, featuring unique flavours that bring festive joy to every sip. This year's highlights included the delightful Gingerbread Punch, Mistletoe Margarita, and Festive Old Fashioned.

To give the Christmas range a distinctive personality, our team took on the challenge of creating a separate sub-brand. Focusing on presents and wrapping paper, we crafted a series of wrapping paper designs that seamlessly extended to label design and guided the art direction for product photography.

As part of our efforts, we directed the lifestyle range on-site, centerings on the theme of the team preparing for Christmas. Renowned photographer Al Higgins was enlisted to capture both lifestyle and product photography, ensuring a cohesive and captivating visual narrative