Bye-Bye the Boring. HR:Duo Ad Campaign

HR Duo

Entering the UK market was a pivotal move for HR Duo, and the objective was clear: stand out, don't just blend in. We worked alongside HR Duo to refresh their brand, cutting through industry monotony with crisp copy and impactful visuals. Our design strategy aimed to elevate the brand to better resonate with its key audience—HR leaders. We developed a streamlined brand framework that clearly outlined the product's features, helping HR leaders say "bye-bye to the boring."

Teaming up with copywriter Connor O'Hare, marketing expert Dani Smallbone, and illustrator Andrew Rae, we executed a cohesive brand vision across all touchpoints—from marketing collateral and sales material to social media. Consistent with our initial efforts, we also compiled a comprehensive set of guidelines for HR Duo's in-house teams. This included templates for client case studies and product sheets, all aimed at making life easier for HR leaders while maintaining a brand that's consistently on point.