Mespil Estate

Situated in leafy Ballsbridge, Mespil Estate is self-contained apartment complex consisting of 12 apartment blocks built between the 1950-70s. Each block is named after native Irish flora that complement the well-maintained estate grounds which are meticulously landscaped and cared for.

The estate is well serviced with local amenities and the Mespil Swimming Pool. We were approached by Darragh Breathnach from DUA to address the estate’s visual identity and wayfinding signage, which was in poor condition and inconsistent from various applications over the years.

We introduced a simple colour palette with strong sans serif typography and created a bold β€œM” monogram for effective and punchy application across signage.

Our creative approach leaned into the existing building naming convention using native Irish trees. We chose to use the leaves from the trees as a form of identity for each block but could also act as an effective wayfinding signifier. We created a suite of complementary icons for use in signage maps.

We used the β€œM” motif as a cut-through on the larger totem signs to further reveal the well-maintained greenery in the estate. Additionally the leaf emblems where used as wayfinding set as brass icons into the concrete throughout the estate.

M Monogram Development