NCAD Works 2023

We have collaborated with the National College of Art & Design (NCAD) for five consecutive years on their annual end-of-year graduate show. Our involvement began in 2019, when we took on the task of naming the exhibition NCAD Works. The outcomes encompassed branding, wayfinding, promotion, and the development of the showcase website.

NCAD Works 2023's visual identity incorporates NCAD's bespoke Spenser typeface, a colour palette of black, white, grey, and an accent colour, all brought to life through the use of simple shapes. Initially, the four schools of NCAD served as inspiration for the shapes.

Each year has a theme that guides the movement and animation. The 2023 exploration focused on texture mapping, pixelation, and 3-D distortion. This approach favours iteration; adding a new texture to a shape produces a different result. This element of the unknown resulted in interesting and random outcomes.